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How many more people have to die so Republicans can get into office?


Pistol Whipped


by Tristan Trout



Fufilling the Asian overachiever stereotype in the most tragic way possible, South Korean student Cho Seng-Hui committed the worst killing spree in American history at Virginia Tech yesterday. His weapon of mass destruction? A common semiautomatic pistol, which in Virginia can be bought by anyone off the street. Virginia, in fact, has long been held up as the sort of state with lax gun-control laws that lets criminals from DC and New York waltz in, stock up on artillery, and bring the weapons home to momma. (All you need is a computerized background check and two forms of ID—no waiting period.)

And what did President Bush have to say? Our dear leader, who killed more people with a pen as governor of Texas than Cho did with a pistol, sent out his press officer, Dana Perino, for the daily press briefing. In response to reporters asking whether this will change White House gun-control policy all Perino had to say was that "As far as policy, the President believes that there is a right for people to bear arms." She then proceeded to duck all further critical inquiries like a fundie confronted with a trilobite fossil.

This, in our learned opinion, is bullshit. The NRA may be withholding their statement now (having learned their lesson when Columbine happened around the time of their national convention eight years ago—also in an election year), but they're not going to let this slip, especially with the presidential race heating up. There are a lot of people who vote with their trigger fingers, and the Republicans specialize in pandering to them. The NRA gives an assload of campaign money to congressional and presidential candidates that promise a semiautomatic rifle above every mantle. However, the Virginia Tech Massacre highlights our need for a comprehensive, rationalized, national gun-control policy—no matter what the political cost. And, in this election year, it's doubtful that even Moses himself can keep up the political will that lets states like Virginia have such lax gun-control lawa.

You can read our opinion about Why Liberals Don't Like Guns here, but the fact is that, unlike, say, slavery, our so-called "gun culture" is not part of American history and heritage. Rather, it was a marketing creation of arms manufacturers who feared a business downturn after the halcyon days of the Civil War. Today, gun manufacturers still do a booming business—almost 812,000 pistols were produced in 2003.

Gun manufacturers tell us that the solution to gun crime is for everyone to carry one. Our answer is that gun manufacturers should be put on trial as accessories to murder.


Ken Mondschein is the publisher of

Posted April 17, 2007 4:05 PM




Mr. Mondschein, Well put! Is it not also wonderful how the gun lobby conveniently forgets to quote the entire phrase regarding the right to bear arms? I'm kinda wingin' it from memory, but doesn't it say that one has "... the right to bear arms as part of a well regulated militia..." or somehting to that effect? Not being an American resident I couldn't say for certain, but I don't expect most gun owners are also soldiers of militias. I am, however, willing to be proven wrong. Perhaps the NRA would be best advised to stick their gun-lusting (yep, not -loving) culture straight up their collective ass "and pull the trigger until it goes 'click'!" My $0.02. Exact change available. Cheers, Graeme

Posted by: Graeme at April 19, 2007 5:08 AM

"Our answer is that gun manufacturers should be put on trial as accessories to murder." This is a wonderful idea, I am sure I would have been a little more appropriately compensated by Buick as apposed to the liability insurance of the little old lady driving their product when she caused an accident in which I broke my neck. Cho had a record of mental illness and was not receiving treatment for his condition. That should preclude him from possesion of a firearm in any sane persons book, but please don't try to use this to try to take legal gun ownership from those of us in rural areas who have been saved from starving in times of hardship by our ability to hunt game for food. Contrary to typical anti gun posturing I have been raised around guns my entire life and never been shot or shot anyone, but have had my life saved by legal guns used to legally hunt providing me food to eat.

Posted by: Bill at May 9, 2007 9:57 AM

115 people A DAY die on the highways. Why aren't you whining for the abolition of automobiles?

Posted by: Cletus at June 25, 2007 3:12 PM



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