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Media and Mediocrity

Reed is Evil
When Fair Trade Ain't
by David Silverman

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
Dobby says, "You will NOT wank to Hermione Granger!"
by Tristan Trout

The Matrix Reloaded: The Corporate Mofo Guide
Kung Fu Philosophers
by Ken Mondschein

Team America: Fuck Yeah!
It's not Before Sunset
by Marty Beckerman

Top 10 Deep Truths of Bubba Ho-Tep
Bruce Campbell is the King
by Tristan Trout

The Angst of the Surburban, Jewish, and Well-to-Do
Top 10 mistakes made by young writers
by Ken Mondschein

The Voice of the Future
Thus spracht Max Headroom
by Ken Mondschein

Achmed's Book
Everyone wants to be famous
by Alan C. Baird

No, I don't want Your Goddamned MTV
Why I'm Boycotting the RIAA
by Ken Mondschein

How to Skin Your Boss Without Breaking a Nail
The Pros of Ex-Cons: Inside NBC's "The Restaurant"
by J. Winter

How I Lied My Way to Fame and Fortune on National Television
Reality? TV
by Keith Lowell Jensen

War is Good Porn
Embedded Reporters Do their All!
by Tristan Trout

David Rees at Housing Works, October 31, 2002
Adventures with Clip Art
by Ken Mondschein

Adam Curry: The Corporate Mofo Interview
Global Warming Explained: It Was the Hair Gel
by Corporate Mofo Web Staff

Subway Ads, d e c o n s t r u c t e d
Captive Audience? Heh!
by Ken Mondschein

My Run-Ins with the Rich and Famou$
Gossip Column, Corporate Mofo Style
by Mitchell "Tex" Missouri

Unreality TV
Turn of the Idiot Box
by Reverend J

We Want the Airwaves, Part II
New Jersey's WSOU
by Ken Mondschein

Summer Reading from Your Local Vanity Publisher
Really, Really Alternative Press
by Tristan Trout

TV Stole my Father
Was it the Brain Surgery of the O'Reilly Factor?
by J. Christopher Windsor

We Want the Airwaves, Part I
Behind the Scenes, Music is Just Another Commodity
by Tristan Trout



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