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Politics and Other Bullshit

Obama in the History Books
Looking back from 2026
by Ken Mondschein

How Governor Palin Can Keep Her Internet Tubes Safe
It's not as easy as protecting your truck
by Senator Ted Stevens (R-Alaska)

But Are They Good For the Jews?
The one question more important than health care
by Tristan Trout

Ten Things the Government Can Do With Our "Tax Rebates"
Besides stick them you-know-where
by Tristan Trout

Damning Right-Wing Quotes
How's this for sound bites?
by Ben Miller

Pistol Whipped
How many more people have to die so Republicans can get into office?
by Tristan Trout

Without Freedom, Reform is Meaningless
Yes, 4.5 Ounces Still Brings More Jail Time than Rape
by Anthony Papa

Bush's Afghan Twin
Separated at birth. Really.
by the Corporate Mofo Web Staff

Tom DeLay: The Peoples' Choice
Or, "What those companies that bribed him actually do."
by Ken Mondschein

False Rockefeller Drug Law Victory in New York
Don't believe the hype
by Anthony Papa

Why Bush Won
Gendering the election
by Ken Mondschein

How Do You Spell "Intimidation"? N-Y-P-D
RNC round 1: Critical Mass vs. NYPD
by the Corporate Mofo Web Staff

The Bush Administration in a Format You can Understand
Now that you're paying attention...
by Yona E.

George W. Bush's Eulogy for Ronald Reagan
We have come to bury Caesar
by Presidential Speechwriter Thomas Quinn

Repeal the New York State Drug Laws
15 to life for a first offense?
by Anthony Papa

African-Americans can Empathize with Tourtured Iraqis
Welcome to the ghetto!
by Rayfield A. Waller

All-American Snuff
Nick Berg and Lynndie England
by Ken Mondschein

My Country is Smarter than Your Country
Wiseasses in the military dept.
by Backsight Forethought

Later, Nader!
Speaking truth to powerlessness
by Amanda Kirk

Love and Money
How the GOP is bad for your sex life
by Ken Mondschein

President Bush Meets the Press
and lies to them
by Ken Mondschein

The Tyranny of Hip
The pimp daddies of politics
by Rayfield A. Waller

The Man Who Really Takes It
The view from the ground
by Backsight Forethought

The English-Bush Lexicon
Lost in translation
by Ken Mondschein

Why Bush Won
Gendering the election
by Ken Mondschein

David Cay Johnston's "Perfectly Legal"
The most important book you'll read all year
by Ken Mondschein

Inside the Shadow Government
Truth is scarier than fiction
by Ken Mondschein

Who's With Us
We Band of Brothers
by Robert L. Bateman

Who's Not With Us
Free Farouk Abdel-Muhti
by David L. Wilson

Who's Against Us
Which way the wind blows
by Leroy Rodrigues

War is a Racket
How a fascist coup almost overthrew the government
by Ken Mondschein

Horns and Halos
The truth was out there. Really out there.
by Ken Mondschein

Freezing for Peace
The Corporate Mofo guide to protest signs
by Mistress Rowena

We Surrender
Forget politics: We're going for porn
by Tristan Trout

One Year Hater
by Mistress Rowena

The Annotated George W. Bush
Speech at the Regent Wall Street Hotel, July 9, 2002
by Tristan Trout

Thrash Band Slayer Awarded Congressional Medal of Honor
War Support!
by Tristan Trout

The World Economic Forum
Fighting global capitalism... with style
by Ken Mondschein

Michael Moorcock on Politics, Punk, Tolkien, and Everything Else
The Corporate Mofo Interview
by Ken Mondschein



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